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Cragside is bound up with Rothbury. Mention one and the other always comes up. At Cragside itself there are three main things to do.

1. Follow the Armstrong trail which connects the car parks to the house itself, but in a round about way.

2. Take a guided tour around the house.

3. Drive through the courtyard and on to the Cragside lakes.

Its also worth mentioning that down at the bottom of the estate, close to the lower car park is another lake and tea shop with books, gifts and food and drink.

The house itself looking up from the rockery and iron bridge.


The house from the Armstrong trail showing the Iron bridge and one of the paths along the Armstrong trail.


To get to the miles of beautiful country walks and drives you need to take your car through the central courtyard of the house.



 The lakes themselves.

Cragside lakes


cragside lakes

  Using this google map you can see the house and the lakes above it

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